About Us

Our Team


Dr. Paige Garnett, Dr. Lisa Barlow and  Susan Liddle are the Board of Directors of Care for Strays, Inc.  They work with volunteers to raise money and with local veterinarians, rescue organizations and individuals to provide care for stray animals.

Our History


 Starting in  1988,  when
Dr. Paige Garnett opened Care Animal Hospital, she and her staff  volunteered their time to care for animals without owners. In order to provide additional medical care for homeless pets,  the Care for Strays fund was started in 1997. This fund has enabled hundreds of stray animals to receive quality medical and surgical care . In 2011, Dr. Garnett incorporated Care for Strays as  a non-profit organization.  Thanks to the helping hands and donations of our amazing community, Care for Strays has continued to grow and to benefit more animals!

Our Mission


In order to meet its goal of “assisting in providing quality veterinary medical care for stray animals”, Care for Strays, Inc. will provide funds to veterinarians, veterinary hospitals, rescue organizations and individuals who provide surgical, dental and medical treatments and rescue and placement services for stray animals that meet its requirements.