Francine presented to a Houston area shelter with severe mange as well as cherry eye (when the gland that makes tears flips out and is visible in the corner of the eye.) When she was moved to Charlie’s Place, Dr. Garnett took Francine to Dr. Tanja Nuhsbaum, an Ophthalmologist at Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado. A severe ulceration of her right cornea was remedied when Dr. Nuhsbaum tacked the eyelids and Dr. Garnett gave her around the clock treatment and fostered her for 2 weeks. Francine is now living happily with a family near Idaho Springs.  



 Roman presented to Care Animal Hospital obstructed in his urinary system (common to male cats on certain brands of dry cat food). His owner could not care for him, so Care for Strays provided for the necessary medical care to unblock him and then supported him for weeks during a rough recovery. Roman’s forever family is receiving financial help for his next year from Care for Strays, which has provided funds for a dental cleaning and the food needed to prevent a future blockage. 

three cats


An elderly Arvada woman died and left her 3 cats with no one to care for them. Physical exams were donated by Dr. Garnett, and Care for Strays provided the funds for blood work to evaluate their conditions. Garfield was quite healthy and was placed with a wonderful family who has 4 other cats (one adopted from Care for Strays in the past). Sophie is in foster care with significant kidney dysfunction and a breast mass. Little Cat has diabetes, which is now under good control with insulin injections and TLC. With Care for Strays funding, these cats are enjoying some wonderful days with loving caretakers. 

Litters of Kittens!


Over the years, Care for Strays has provided care for many litters of kittens.   

In early summer, a Lakewood homeowner invited a feral cat onto her porch to get out of a severe storm and three days later, 6 kittens were born. With funds from Care for Strays, these kittens were fostered, vaccinated, tested for FELV/FIV, and spayed or neutered. All six were placed in homes in our area.




Sprocket, on the right, was born with severe neurologic dysfunction, received a thorough examination from a veterinary orthopedic specialist and became mobile again using a cart and a manual lifting device provided with funds from Care for Strays. 

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